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Madam Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant Singapore

There was a big hoo-ha at the dining table when I mentioned that it was my first time having the famous Vietnamese Pho. My one and only experience with Vietnamese food was during last Christmas Eve; where I had an impromptu party with dweam and monoxious at NUOC Vietnamese Restaurant Orchard Central.

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Madam Saigon (Millenia Walk)

Madam Saigon offers the extensive menu of delicious Vietnamese Cuisine. It is also good for the Vegetarian who likes to experience authentic Vietnamese dishes mixed with light and refreshing flavours.

Very good Vietnamese food

We try to travel to Singapore once a year, and every year we come here for having dinner. We like it a lot. food is very good, phos are tasty, but buns are better.

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Madam Saigon: No wonder the Vietnamese are so slim!

This is a wild guess, but I reckon that more women like Vietnamese food than men. We are talking about Singaporeans of course. The reason I say this is because Vietnamese food is pretty healthy and low in oil and coconut milk.

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