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About Madam Saigon
A truly authentic Vietnamese dining experience awaits

It all began with a craving; a craving for a truly authentic piping-hot bowl of Vietnamese pho.  

Having spent a good part of her life in Melbourne where she lived close to a bustling Vietnamese suburb, our Managing Director, Ms Carlene Ng could always indulge in a delicious bowl of comforting pho.  

After completing her studies, she returned to Singapore where she pursued a career in the competitive cutting-edge world of banking and finance. However, the thought of setting up an authentic Vietnamese eatery lingered, especially since it was difficult to Vietnamese restaurants here, of which there are few, much less a bowl of pho.  

Recognising that there is a niche for Vietnamese eateries and coupled with her love for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Ms Ng decided to set up Madam Saigon.  

With the vision to offer a truly authentic Vietnamese dining experience to local diners, Madam Saigon was conceived after nine intensive months of groundwork; including market research and more importantly, the search for a highly-skilled Vietnamese chef. Ms Ng personally headed to Ho Chi Minh City, where she interviewed several chefs from 5-star hotels for the job of executive chef.  

In April 2001, Madam Saigon’s flagship outlet situated at 30 Liang Seah Street was launched.

At Madam Saigon, we believe in delivering quality, healthy and most importantly, traditional bonafide Vietnamese cuisine in a warm and inviting setting with friendly, personable service.  

We are extremely passionate in what we do. Our management’s Vietnamese roots, as well as having a true blue Vietnamese executive chef from Ho Chi Minh at the helm of our kitchen have given us the edge in understanding and serving up true Vietnamese cuisine in the competitive local food and beverage market.  

Our carefully-selected service staff are dedicated to their jobs. Prior formal training carried out by our management enables our staff to provide consistent and efficient high level of service.    

We are working to gain greater market share by opening more outlets in future and we are keen to look into franchising opportunities.  

Our ultimate goal is to bring the authentic Vietnamese dining experience to more customers locally, create awareness and raise the profile of this little-known gem of Southeast Asian cuisine.  

At Madam Saigon, we pledge to deliver high standards of customer satisfaction and we are committed to ensure that our new outlets and franchisees also take this direction.

Designed to create an atmosphere reminiscent of Vietnamese eateries, Madam Saigon exudes a casual laidback feel.   Decorated with Vietnamese ornaments such as intricate wooden carvings and lacquer ware, Madam Saigon is furnished simply with rustic tables and chairs with the quintessential condiments tray on each table.  

At Madam Saigon, we strive to create a comfortable and cosy dining space for our diners.

Our Vietnamese Chef Hung hails from Ho Chi Minh City and has been at the helm of Madam Saigon’s kitchen since our opening.  

Together with our managing director, Chef Hung, who has amassed over 25 years of culinary expertise, has created an extensive menu which features popular Vietnamese specialities from the southern region of Vietnam.  One main challenge of serving up Vietnamese cuisine in Singapore is the availability of traditional ingredients. We firmly believe that in order to recreate and achieve the real flavours and taste of Vietnamese food, we have to import some fundamental ingredients such as rice paper, fish sauce and various herbs and spices directly imported from Vietnam.  

The highlight of our menu is the selection of pho, notably Vietnam’s most known noodle dish. Served with a choice of different meats and cuts with smooth rice noodles, our pho is cooked according to the traditional method which requires the soup stock to be simmered with quality ingredients over several hours with a watchful eye to achieve an unadulterated bowl of pure goodness. At Madam Saigon, we also offer Bun, which is a refreshingly cool alternative to pho. Usually eaten at room temperature, each bowl is a melange of flavours consisting of vermicelli noodles with a choice of toppings such as Grilled chicken, Stir fried beef and Spring roll and a piquant and tangy dressing of lime juice, fish sauce and chillies to be tossed at the table.  

Besides the perennial favourites, a selection of appetisers and rice dishes are also available. Madam Saigon Specials presents more choices for the discerning gourmand with delectable dishes such as Vietnamese Hot Pot, Vietnamese Barbecued Meat Skewers and Mango Fish.   Upon special request, our chef can even whip up other traditional stalwart dishes such as Vietnamese pancake for our guests.   We also provide catering services for all kinds of corporate events and private functions. $

At Madam Saigon, we care about our employee’s well being and provide them with the relevant training so that they can enjoy a fulfilling career with us. Most of our staff has been with us since our opening.  

We have devised a staff training program which is conducted by our Manager so our service staff is able to offer consistent service of a high standard.

Since its opening, Madam Saigon has been well received and is still attracting a steady clientele of discerning diners who are seeking for real Vietnamese cuisine. Over the years, Madam Saigon has garnered a pool of regular customers, of which there is a balanced mix of locals and expatriates.  There are constantly new walk-in customers and many who have been recommended to Madam Saigon by word of mouth.

Since our opening, Madam Saigon has won several awards such as “Excellent Food Award” issued by Asian Trade Press and we were also the winner of World Gourmet Programme presented by Singapore celebrity foodie, Moses Lim. 

Madam Saigon is owned and managed by House of Gourmet Pte Ltd. Established since 2001, this dynamic F&B company is spearheaded by Managing Director Carlene Ng. Her background in banking and finance has proven invaluable in the day-to-day management of the company – especially in the key areas of business development and marketing strategies. An experienced and highly trained F&B team oversees the operational aspects of the business. With a firm infrastructure in place, the company is fully capable of expanding its ‘Madam Saigon’ brand in the Singapore and global markets.